1 Frequently Asked Questions
1.1 Which HeadBlade should I buy?
While we still offer for sale the complete range of HeadBlades, we recommend all first time buyers purchase the ATX for the following reasons: 

It is the culmination of over a decade of real world head-shaving research and product design. The ATX, which comes standard with the HB4 (four blade cartridge), combines our patented suspension and finger ring design and works most like a conventional razor . Unlike earlier HeadBlade models, the blade is now located in the back and the ATX works with the more conventionally accepted "pull, not push" shave method. The ATX is also the only HeadBlade that allows for fast and efficient face/body/leg shaving. 

Doesn't this make all other HeadBlades obsolete? 

No. There are many current HeadBladers who still prefer the unique "blade first" design. The HeadBlade Sport, which comes standard with the HB3 (three blade), pivots from the middle of the cartridge (like a see-saw), so the blade rotates in both directions, allowing a smooth shave for heads that have a bit more angular terrain. The Sport and Ghost also use our more economical HB3 blades.
1.2 How do I shave with the HeadBlade Sport/Ghost/Eclipse?
The technique is the same whether using the HeadBlade Classic, Ghost, Sport, or S4 Eclipse. Slip your middle finger through the finger ring, between your first and second knuckle. Choose if you want to shave with or against the grain, keep the wheels in contact with the scalp, and glide the blade along your head with long smooth strokes. Watch the HeadBlade® 101 instruction video, or see our warehouse manager Jack demonstrate shaving with the newest HeadBlade Sport below.
1.3 How do I shave with the HeadBlade ATX?
The ATX utilizes a similar suspension and finger ring design as previous HeadBlades but the new HB4 blade and adaptor design allow the blade to rest in the back, so you can shave utilizing the "pulling method" like a conventional razor. Here is a great HeadBlade ATX 101 video that has all the details:
1.4 What replacement blades are compatible with each of the HeadBlades?

Do they use the same blades?

The HeadBlade® S4 Lunar Eclipse come standard with the HB3 (triple blade) cartridge. The HB3 cartridges are not available anymore, instead you can use the HB2 blades
The HeadBlade ATX comes standard with the HB4 (four blade) cartridge, and was engineered specifically for both the HB4 and HB6 (six blade) cartridges.
The HB4 and HB6 blade cartridges are backwards compatible with any HeadBlade! Just use the supplied adapter (that comes with each blade kit) and follow the mounting instructions included. You'll get an amazing shave! 
While the ATX can be used with the HB2 blades, we do not recommend that configuration as the ATX was developed specifically for the HB4 and HB6 cartridges.

1.5 How do I change the HB2 blades? There is an extra item called a "caliper" in the kit.

When replacing one of the HB2 blades, use the yellow caliper included in the package to remove the blade from the tray. Remember not to force the calipers downward when removing; simply clip the hooks in and pull out. Watch the videos below for a demonstration.

1.6 What kind of moisturizer should I use on my scalp?
You should use a non-comedogenic cream (won't clog pores). Luckily for you, we developed our own moisturizing cream which fits the bill perfectly. HeadLube moisturizer works great and comes in both "Matte" and "Glossy" finishes, along with an SPF 30.
1.7 Do you have a guarantee?
The key to getting a clean, razor burn-free shave is to make sure you use the HeadBlade® correctly. The patented suspension allows you to glide the blade; this means you don't put any pressure on the blade. The design of the HeadBlade® allows you to take long smooth strokes, which results in less irritation than a conventional blade. Shaving with the grain doesn't get as smooth a surface but it is a sure way to reduce irritation and bumps. If you do have irritation rinse with cold water and use ClearHead Bump Treatment.
1.8 I need to know what the HeadBlade uses for replacement blades

We currently sell HB2, HB4 and HB6 blade replacement kits in our online store. These blades are compatible with every HeadBlade we sell. When using the HB2 blade make sure to use the yellow adaptor (included in kit).


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